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The Nolka Dried Premix is an innovative new product that seeks to eliminate unnecessary time, effort and money spent into building concrete infrastructures.

It comes in 50kg sacks containing 40 kg of 10mm high quality aggregates and 10kg of Portland Cement sealed in a separate poly bag.

All you do is add water to the sacks contents, mix it and you are ready to lay your concrete.

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and many more uses...

  • Power Posts

  • House Slabs

  • Walls

  • Sheds

  • Gardens

  • Stairs

  • Car Parks

  • Water Tank Slabs

  • Water Flow

  • Home Gyms

Water Tank Slab built with Nolka Premix

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  • Convenient, easy to mix package.

  • Cost efficient

  • Longer shelf life

  • Air-tight poly bag prevents premature hardening of cement.

  • High grade aggregate ensures quality finish.

 available for bulk purchases

  • Nolka Dried Premix  -  K19 per 50kg bag at a minimum of 50 bags

  • +300 bags  -  5% discount

  • +500 bags  -  7.5% discount

Free Delivery when ordering 10 bags or more

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